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Dopper is an initiative that promotes clean drinking water for everyone and reduces plastic waste. For this purpose, Dopper has developed the perfect reusable water bottle; durable, beautiful and incredible easy to clean! You’ll immediately reduce plastic waste, because you’ll never need a single-use water bottle again. The Dopper is real Dutch design, produced with a net zero carbon footprint, free of BPA and contributes to drinking water projects in Nepal.

Walnut Brands is the exclusive distributor in Denmark for Dopper

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Water is for everyone and so everyone got to submit a design for the perfect reusable water bottle. On January 3rd, 2010, a design competition was organized and on March 22nd the winner was announced. The creative network of the Harlem Legacy assisted Merijn and served as judges. Around 100 designers submitted their idea and ten of these were selected for further study. Did they meet the requirements? Did the shape match the name? Rinke van Remortel was most successful in his interpretation of the design assignment. His Dopper had Dutch design style, the perfect shape and the right philosophy: we had a winner!

The white cap turns into a cup when you turm it upside down and places water on a pedestal, according to Rinke. This philosophy matches Merijn’s approach perfectly: having access to clean drinking water is a luxury. Rinke was awarded with everlasting glory. Glory that is now spreading across the globe, with retailers from Germany to the US! His name is on every Dopper.


How big is the Dopper and what is its volume?
The Dopper is 24 cms long and its volume is nearly half a litre

What is the Dopper made of?
The Dopper consists of 2 materials:
1. ABS (the white part)
2. Polypropylene (the colored part).

The Dopper contains no harmful substances. The Dopper has a ‘Food Approved’ hallmark.

Can the Dopper be cleaned in the dishwasher?
All parts of the Dopper can be cleaned in the dishwasher separately. We advise to put the white mug without its cap in the upper part of the dishwasher, the cap in the cutlery basket and the bottle in the lower part.

What part of the proceeds go to Simavi?
Dopper supports water projects set up by Simavi and its local partners, through the Dopper Foundation. 5% of Dopper sales goes to the foundation. The Dopper Foundation invests half of its proceeds in water projects in Nepal. The other half goes to water and plastic waste education projects.

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