Design Distribution

Sale and awareness

New and existing brands


Walnut Brands push contemporary and innovative design on the global market. We generate sale and product awareness for new and existing brands with attention to detail and “the good idea”. Our customer service is empowered by a strong and professional communication through well established sales channels.


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Walnut Brands focus on design distribution in the region we have the know-how and cultural insight from; Scandinavia. We work with both existing brands and new designers. Have a look below to see if our services matches the needs of Your company.

    • Distribution
    • Marketing
    • Branding

    Our core business is

    • New markets
    • New networks
    • New channels

    We point at

    • Scandinavia
    • New markets
    • Stores and warehouses

    We are the link to

    • Design distribution
    • Marketing know-how
    • Brand management

    We offer

    • The design industry
    • The Scandinavian markets
    • Brand management

    We have insight in

    • Good design
    • Longterm collaborations
    • Finding the right market

    We believe in


Walnut Brands collaborates with some of the most innovative international design brands – representing their designs in the scandinavian markets.

  • All
  • homeware and decorations
  • lighting
  • bags